Evan D. McCormick

Evan D. McCormick, an associate research scholar with the Obama Presidency Oral History project, is an historian of the United States and the world. He received his Ph.D. in History from the University of Virginia (2015) and an M.A. in International Relations from Yale University (2007). He has held postdoctoral fellowships from the Center for Presidential History at Southern Methodist University and the Clements Center for National Security at the University of Texas at Austin.

Evan’s academic work has focused on Inter-American relations during the Reagan years, and contested ideas of security, democracy, and rights in the Western Hemisphere. His first book project, Beyond Revolution and Repression: U.S. Foreign Policy and Latin American Democracy, 1980-1989, under contract with Cornell University Press, draws on newly declassified materials in the United States and research in archives throughout Latin America to trace the emergence of “democracy promotion” as a policy priority at the end of the Cold War. Looking beyond rhetoric, the book shows how democracy promotion programs enmeshed U.S. officials with Latin American counterparts through projects that aimed to build national political parties, modernize voting technologies, and to shrink the state—efforts that changed profoundly how rights were and are viewed throughout the hemisphere.

His scholarly work has appeared in Diplomatic History and the Journal of Cold War Studies, and his commentary on foreign policy and presidential history has appeared in The Washington Post, Foreign Affairs Latinoamérica, War on the Rocks, Clarín (Buenos Aires) and La Razón (Madrid). As a fellow at SMU, Evan developed “The United States and Latin America” collective memory project, an ongoing oral history project on U.S.-Latin American relations during the George W. Bush presidency. Before joining INCITE, Evan taught at Simmons University and Framingham State University in Boston, and served as the 2018-19 Robert P. Smith Scholar-in-Residence at the Roxbury Latin School. Prior to pursuing his Ph.D., Evan served as a policy fellow in the Department of Homeland Security (2007-2009).

Evan tweets about history, U.S.-Latin American relations, and his sizable vinyl collection at @evandmccormick