Rebecca McGilveray

Rebecca McGilveray is a project coordinator on the Obama Presidency Oral History Project. Her main responsibility is the scheduling of the project’s interviews with hundreds of narrators. These include senior leaders and policymakers within the administration, elected officials, foreign leaders, campaign staff, journalists, and other key figures outside the administration, as well as individuals (artists, ordinary Americans, movement organizers, etc.) from diverse settings who had a connection to the Obama Presidency. She also contributes to the intellectual life of the project by hosting and conducting interviews.

In addition to her work with the Obama Project, Rebecca is the Administrative Coordinator for the Oral History Master’s Program (OHMA), a Research Assistant on the Mott Haven Oral History Project and Editor of the podcast “Transforming India” produced by the Deepak and Neera Raj Center on Indian Economic Policies.

Rebecca holds a Master’s degree in Oral History from Columbia University (2018).

A native of Glasgow, Scotland, she has been working at INCITE since January 2019. Rebecca earned her BA from the University of Strathclyde in History. Her research interests include oral histories of gentrification and displacement and the impact of deindustrialization on Scotland. She has spoken at national conferences on transitional justice in Northern Ireland and on the significance of GDPR and data protection to oral historians.