Obama Presidency Oral History

Incite at Columbia University
The Obama Presidency as told by 450+ officials, activists, organizers, and extraordinary people from all walks of life.
  • Sylvia Burwell

    OMB Director and HHS Secretary

  • Tom Harkin

    US Senator from Iowa

  • Cecile Richards

    Planned Parenthood President

  • Nancy-Ann DeParle

    White House Deputy Chief of Staff

  • Lisa Jackson

    EPA Administrator

  • Neera Tanden

    Health Policy Advisor

  • Michael Minor

    Pastor and Healthcare Advocate

  • Arun Majumdar

    ARPA-E Director

  • Robert Trapp

    Newspaper Publisher and Correspondent

  • Steven Chu

    Secretary of Energy

  • Bill McKibben

    Environmental Activist

  • Sandra Fluke

    Reproductive Health Advocate

  • Christy Goldfuss

    Environmental Policy Official

  • Don Verrilli

    Solicitor General

  • Elizabeth Fowler

    Health Policy Official

  • Kathleen Sebelius

    Secretary of Health and Human Services

  • Art and Helen Tanderup


  • Todd Stern

    Special Envoy

  • Nancy Nielsen

    American Medical Association President

  • Aneesh Chopra

    US Chief Technology Officer

Sylvia Burwell
OMB Director and HHS Secretary

Interviews released

Explore a special preview of interviews related to climate, energy, the environment, and healthcare.

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Since 2019, Incite at Columbia University has interviewed hundreds of people to produce the official oral history of the Obama presidency. These in-depth interviews, conducted with those inside and outside of the administration, represent roughly 1,100 hours of audio and video that together form a comprehensive record of the Obama years.

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Each oral history interview contains dozens of stories. Explore these stories through prepared playlists—or save stories to make your own.

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    Reflections on being perceived as supporting insurance companies during health reform Elizabeth Fowler
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    Reflections on the outcomes of the Copenhagen Climate Summit Todd Stern
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    Obama's demeanor in social settings compared to work during legislative negotiations Nancy-Ann DeParle
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    Challenges in advancing the construction of the smart grid and federal agency coordination Nancy Sutley
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    Grassroots advocacy for the ACA and its impact on Mississippi communities Michael Minor
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    Negotiating the Affordable Care Act without the health insurance industry cooperation Elizabeth Fowler
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    Communicating the benefits of the ACA to uninsured individuals John Mier
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    Early experiences with environmental justice and regulation in Canton, Massachusetts Gina McCarthy
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    John Podesta's unexpected path to becoming a conservation advocate Christy Goldfuss
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    Decline of cap-and-trade legislation momentum and impact of 2010 midterms Heather Zichal
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From healthcare to the financial crisis to nuclear nonproliferation, each topic explored in this collection is brought to life by narrators from both inside and outside the Obama administration.

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Navigate the interconnected events and places that make up this history, narrated by the stories of the people who lived it.

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