Obama Presidency Oral History

Incite at Columbia University
The Obama Presidency as told by 470 officials, activists, organizers, and extraordinary people from all walks of life.
President Obama and farmer Joe Del Bosque speak to each other in an open field, flanked by Del Bosque's wife Maria on the right in Los Banos, California.
President Barack Obama tours a field with farmer Joe Del Bosque and his wife Maria in Los Banos, California., Feb. 14, 2014. Photo by Pete Souza.


Explore a special preview of interviews related to climate and the environment.

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Since 2019, Incite at Columbia University has interviewed hundreds of people to produce the official oral history of the Obama presidency. These in-depth interviews, conducted with those inside and outside of the administration, represent roughly 1,100 hours of audio and video that together form a comprehensive record of the Obama years.

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  • The Obama Presidency Inside-Out: A Conversation About Climate
    New York City
    On May 31, 2023, we gathered in New York City to celebrate the completion of the Obama Presidency Oral History project's fieldwork.
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  • Let’s Talk about Obama
    A new oral history project at Columbia sets out to capture the legacy of Barack Obama ’83CC ⁠— and the spirit of the country he led.
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